Thursday, 15 November 2007

Autumn in Argyll - rain and shine

Autumn in Dalavich is truly magical, with spectacular colours and sharp, crisp air. The red squirrels are still about and can be seen better as the trees thin. There are fewer birds, but the feeders still have visitors. The trout fishing season is over, but there are still people to be seen fishing for - who knows? Arctic Chard? Pike? We had an amazing weekend where the torrential rain - really torrential, like a million drummers attacking the roof at once - confined itself to nighttime and the mornings were bright and dry, with the burns rushing and Loch Awe brimming over. We walked up to Loch Avich and then round the Falls - never seen so much water! But the colours were amazing and the trees seem misted with Lichen - old man's beard - which is a sign that the air is really clean. This picture is of Dave on Loch Awe Side with Camilla and Colin's spaniel who joined us for a walk.



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