Wednesday, 6 February 2008

First Australian visitor

Here are the impressions of our first visitor from Australia, who went to the cabin for the weekend with family:

"I had a really lovely weekend. It was worth the long drive – especially the last part on the single track road – to arrive at such a lovely place: little cabins dotted throughout a wintry pine forest; it was like entering a fairy tale. The cabin itself was quite magical, so small but so cleverly designed that everything was provided. And it still allowed for privacy (the fan in the bathroom is a very good idea!). It quickly warmed up because of the efficient wall heaters. Interesting doors and shutters opened onto a little balcony where Mick placed food for interesting birds. In the evening, we walked down to the loch and watched the light fade and a heron fly in. Next morning Mick took us on what was to me a long walk through the woods, lots of varieties of trees and bushes and mosses, to a lonely hut (old stables?), and then to a waterfall and ending up at the village shop. There we had coffee - not the best coffee ever, but welcome after all the trudging - and bought postcards and tablet. Then back to the cabin for a big brunch – which, of course, Mick cooked while we lay around reading the papers. It was a great pity to leave."



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