Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Happy Easter visitors

We had two lots of visitors over the Easter period, and they all had a good time. Mark writes: "The weather was better than we had hoped for with only Tuesday being a complete wash out. Sunday afternoon at Easdale was blue sky and sun shimmering on the sea.
We enjoyed the cabin and the surrounding walks, the single track road was my only concern, but luckily we hardly met another car coming the other way (which was a relief on the short cut route past Loch Avich).
As you mentioned we filled both bird feeders and had numerous birds turning up at all times of the day, and on Thursday morning a red squirrel was on the bird table. There was one bird in particular who pecked at our bedroom window first thing in the morning even trying to fly in as well (maybe a chaffinch?)."
And Louise writes: "We had a lovely time as ever at the cabin, no problems at all."
The picture is from this time last year, when the woods were full of bluebells.



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