Friday, 9 May 2008

We had a wonderful week at Dalavich at the end of April, with great weather. The absence of rain meant we could do some chores - we cleared the gutters and painted the facia board and got the winter grime off the windows. Strimming the grass was hard work! We installed the new giant bird table made by Bloater's dad - it truly is a mansion amongst birdhouses. Though we had some nice birds visiting - including a female woodpecker - it was the sisskins that were most in evidence - noisy, cheeky and aggressive, but very pretty in green, white and black.
We drove from Dalavich to have lunch with friends at the Crafty Cafe in Ardfern - we recommend it. We also had a good walk out towards Kilmelford, and the cuckoo wood lived up to its name yet again this year. I must admit we got a soaking that day, but typical Argyll, by the time we got back to the car the sun was out. We had lunch at the General Post Office at Kilmelford - very good Butternut Squash soup.
Bookings are now coming in for the summer - take a look at the brochure and see what a good place Dalavich is for a Scottish holiday - just the right combination of isolation and use as a base for exploring the islands, Kintyre and Argyll.
On an early morning walk to work up an appetite for breakfast I took these pictures of the blue sky breaking through the trees and the sun gleaming on Loch Awe.



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