Saturday, 20 March 2010

Spring is here - pipes are mended!

It's water pipe repair time after the freezing winter - but we seem to have got off lightly, compared to some Highland areas. Argyll's temperate climate is fantastic really - it was often warmer in Dalavich than in London during this hard winter.
Michael, Madeleine and Orlaith made their first visit of 2010 and aside from emergency pipe repairs (cheers Norman) they had a great time, driving to Kilmelford and Ardfern for walks in fine, dry weather and rambling on the timber trails near the cabin. The pictures show Michael and Orlaith at Ardfern, and Orlaith on the Oakwood trail.
Now it's time to get ready for spring and summer visitors - already we have a family from Paris, one from Birmingham, one from Renfrew and several returning visitors. We wish them all a lovely stay.


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