Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dalavich delivers calm and wildlife

We heard from Gideon and Gaynor, who spent a week at the cabin with their boys, and Gideon told us:
"The lack of loch view was more than made up for by the feeling of being in the wood with no one else around - but with the comfort that there was. Lovely cabin, really well-made, great design with great use of space, comfortable, calming.
"The boys enjoyed the chance to expolore the surroundings in safety and loved playing by the loch and in the wood. Gaynor and i loved the late night and early morning walks with the dog, seeing the early mist over the loch or the late sun. The dog loved the woods and swam in the loch every day.
Without needing the car much we enjoyed the Oak Wood Trail, the Avich Falls walk and the Loch Avich Walk, all easy for all ages.
In fact we did the 5 mile Loch Avich walk setting off at 7.40pm and returning in the dark as a treat for the boys. Glen Nant also a treat of a walk.. our 22 month old managed it all 2.5 miles on his own and loved it.
"Watching black throated divers dancing and hearing their call over the still moonlit loch was something to behold. The red squirrel came calling many days as did hundreds of tits and finches. We saw foxes on the road and numerous deer.
Also buzzards galore and two osprey - a real treat.
"It's a very relaxing space and we had great weather. We walked every day, shorts the only gear for us boys, and waterproofs not needed much just t shirts and tops."
All this more than made up for an outbreak of wasps (a new plague from ever-active Mother Nature at Loch Awe) and a man-made disaster - the handle on the grill pan has disappeared! Upgrading of the cooker for next year definitely required.
It had been a wonderful summer at Dalavich - of course there has been rain but often it has been wetter here in London than up there. Thanks to all our guests for their comments - we hope to see them all again soon.


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