Monday, 4 August 2008

Dalavich waterfall

It has been a wonderful summer - for Dalavich. Days on end of sunny weather, though I think this week is not so good. Julian Hudson & Leen Van Nieuwenhuyze came over from Belgium for a holiday: "We had a great time. The cabin is very well equipped, which helped things run smoothly," Julian told us. They kindly left some DVDs and fishing things for future guests to enjoy. Now that's the kind of cabineers we like!
I always feel guilty when it rains when we have guests - as if it is my fault! But as Dave always says, it takes a lot of rain to fill a loch as big as Loch Awe.
And it takes a lot of rain to make this too. It's the tumultuous Falls of Avich, just a short walk from the cabin. Water, woods and wildness - that's Argyll.


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