Saturday, 19 July 2008

July at Dalavich

We had a fantastic fortnight, with many fine days and some wonderful walking weather. For the first time we did the marked trail from Barnaline to Loch Avich and back. It is spectacular - especially the path that goes across the "dry loch". This is at the top of the hill, and is saucer shape. It was a loch with water held in by a natural dam which at some time in the distant past, broke letting the water flow out. Now the area is a unique peat bog and meadow habitat with the most spectacular wild flowers. We stopped here for a picnic.
The walk is only 5 miles and very easy walking - but you go through the full range of oak wood, peat bog, flower meadow, conifer forest and loch side.
The pics also show us enjoying a bbq on a lovely evening and also a regular visitor we had arriving early in the morning to take peanuts and seeds from the bird feeders.
Book a holiday at Dalavich and you can see not only this chap, but also deer (red, fallow and roe), pine martins, buzzards and if you are very lucky an Osprey or Eagle.



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